Service: Brand Identity

Date: August 2021

Country: Venezuela

Proyekta – Real Estate


Choosing a place to live isn´t somenthing easy. It’s not like choosing your outfit or where are you going to take dinner. It’s a decition that will transform your life. Wheter it’s a piece of land, an apartment or a house, it’s an space where you project your life. You project new dreams, desires and aspirations that are part of you. We know the importance of that decitions. For this reason, we want to project that new illusion with you and accompany you throughout the process.


We will develop a visual system that fits with the client needs. We designed components that represent elements in the industry and anchieve the goals of having a new close and professional brand image. We brought versatility through the combination of this elements to create different compositions for each platform.


We created a web that has all the funtionalities needed for the user to browse the site without any problem and easily find the information required. Also, it was organized with the porpouse of make easer for the user to find the properties by location and price.

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