Service: Brand Identity

Date: July 2017

Country: Perú

Machu Picchu Booking

Machu Picchu Booking is a new company dedicated to tours in Machu Picchu. Therefore, its target audience is wide due to the number of tourists that this fantastic place attracts. However, it is known that the majority of people interested in discovering this Wonder of the World are young foreigners who love adventure and cultural diversity.

For the brand in question, we sought to generate a unique visual identity, with a graphic system that would allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition with loaded and non-detailed logos, achieving a position in such a saturated market. Thus, a fundamental step for the creation of the visual identity was the definition of certain attributes, such as Trust, Adventure and Simplicity. The next thing was to define some visual aspect that will simplify the concept and also show the service that the brand offers. So, the most effective solution was to use Machu Picchu itself, for which a monogram was created using the letters M and P. Visually, these two letters represented Machu Picchu, which showed the simplicity in the logo. This was complemented by the color brown, which represents the tradition of the land, and orange, which represents adventure. Finally, a pattern with an Andean motif was created, using the same logo to achieve effective brand recall.

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