Service: Brand Identity

Date: September 2017

Country: Dominican Republic

Fleeting Transport

Fleeting Transport is a company that transports and stores all kinds of packages. The goal was to create a visual identity that represents the precision and dynamism that differentiates the company from its competition.

The analysis of the competition yielded the observation that they all have a serious and corporate identity. Therefore, certain attributes were highlighted for the project, such as Professionalism, Dynamism, Precision and Youth, so that it could quickly differentiate itself from the competition and gain an advantage in the market. After this discovery, it was known that the logo should represent these attributes. Thus, visual aspects were soon found that are quickly associated with these characteristics, such as the arrow, which indicates precision and dynamism, which is accompanied by the product (box) and the initial of the company, so that these are associated with the brand. In the same way, the chosen colors communicate youth and the visual elements professionalism.

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