Péndulo Ingenieros

Service: Brand Identity Date: October 2019 Country: Perú Péndulo Ingenieros Péndulo Ingenieros is a company dedicated to preparing technical files at the management level in different sectors such as construction, sanitation and electrification. The proposed identity consists of showing balance, solidity, technology and, above all, adaptability. Therefore, a logo was created with variations for each graphic […]

Branson Sport

Service: Brand Identity Date: February 2019 Country: Perú Branson Sport Branson Sport is a company that has been in the market for 10 years. It is engaged in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of medical sports products, such as knee pads, girdles, etc. They came to the studio because they had a graphic […]


Service: Brand Identity Date: February 2017 Country: Perú Experion Experion is a technology channel on YouTube that provides content related to tips, news and current affairs on the main mobile and desktop platforms, such as Android, iOS and Windows. The objective was to rethink the visual identity for the brand, in a way that reflected the […]

Machu Picchu Booking

Service: Brand Identity Date: July 2017 Country: Perú Machu Picchu Booking Machu Picchu Booking is a new company dedicated to tours in Machu Picchu. Therefore, its target audience is wide due to the number of tourists that this fantastic place attracts. However, it is known that the majority of people interested in discovering this Wonder of […]

Fleeting Transport

Service: Brand Identity Date: September 2017 Country: Dominican Republic Fleeting Transport Fleeting Transport is a company that transports and stores all kinds of packages. The goal was to create a visual identity that represents the precision and dynamism that differentiates the company from its competition. The analysis of the competition yielded the observation that they all […]