Service: Brand Identity Date: August 2021 Country: Venezuela Proyekta – Real Estate CONCEPT Choosing a place to live isn´t somenthing easy. It’s not like choosing your outfit or where are you going to take dinner. It’s a decition that will transform your life. Wheter it’s a piece of land, an apartment or a house, it’s an […]


Service: Brand Identity & Website Date: July 2021 Country: Spain Kairos In a company, the people who make it up are an indispensable and necessary resource, which must be cared for and kept motivated. To keep your team motivated, it is necessary to generate trust and stability, without these elements, we cannot encourage them the desire […]


Service: Brand Identity Date: January 2021 Country: Colombia Sembrá SEMBRÁ is a 100% independent non-profit foundation focused on the development of agriculture in Colombia. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life of farmers and vulnerable communities in the district of Corozal in the department of Sucre.Made up by a generation from Corozal who after […]


Service: Brand Identity Date: November 2021 Country: Perú Scalin Scalin specializes in managing channels with new business opportunities, developing external sales communities, as well as developing the training methodology to achieve a high-impact community.We took care of making a name that synthesizes the value proposition of the brand and is easy to remember. We generated a […]


Service: Brand Identity Date: December 2020 Country: Perú Nyord The brand name is inspired by Norse mythology, as “Njord” is the god of the Norse sea. We changed the “j” for the “y” to give the brand pregnancy and we related it to the attribute of adaptability. We planned to create a timeless, adaptable, dynamic and […]

Lirios Coffee

Service: Brand Identity Date: November 2020 Country: Perú Lirios Coffee Lirios Coffee is the fruit of the work and effort of a 100% Peruvian coffee-growing family, which, since its inception, has been dedicated to the production and marketing of high-quality fine coffees. Its main strength lies in its highly qualified human capital, who perfected each of […]

¿Qué Selebras?

Service: Brand Identity Date: September 2020 Country: Perú ¿Qué Selebras? ¿Qué selebras? is a Cooking Studio that combines food with music to create unique experiences. Food and music are the main ingredients to bring people together. For this reason, we created the concept “Creamos experiencias únicas” (We compose unique experiences) that synthesizes the differential value of […]


Service: Brand Identity Date: September 2021 Country: Perú Contra Contra is a clothing brand that was born in the midst of a pandemic. While others disappear, we are born and we are here to show the world that we can CONTRA (counter) all adversity and RISE. We take created the naming, concept, website, photography and brand […]


Service: Brand Identity Date: June 2020 Country: Perú Outlent Outlent is the first online outlet for quality lenses and frames at affordable prices in Peru. We take care of creating the naming, concept and visual system of the brand. For the naming we focused on linking outlet + lenses. It is a brand that believes in […]

SEO Genial

Service: Brand Identity Date: February 2020 Country: Perú Seo Genial Seo Genial is a company specialized in creating the best content based on the audience to generate profitability for companies. The proposed concept is “expand the investment of each client” The company was founded more than 7 years ago, initially it was called Wawqi, working with […]